six-ingredient vegan peanut butter millionaires bars

peanut butter millionaires bars – no bake!

I’m so sorry for my absence! Everything has been up and down and all over the place. And I really do mean everything. Juggling work and uni hasn’t been such a big deal – but my own inner demons? Yep. They’ve been planting the usual seeds of doubt, lies and hatred deep within my mind.

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top ten plant based proteins

guest post: top ten sources of plant based protein

Plant based protein can be hard to come by. But, as our guest post author Kate is going to explain, it is an essential element for the proper function of a healthy body. Not only that, but it can be found in plentiful amounts from plant based sources. The floor is yours Kate! … Protein

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teff banana muffins. vegan. gluten free. one bowl.

one bowl teff banana muffins

Ah, teff. You’re a lifesaver. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to make teff banana muffins today. I wouldn’t have had healthy uni snacks for the week and had to spend big on campus instead. Not only did you avert an epic kitchen and budget crisis, you also pack a punch with your incredible

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gf, vegan turmeric banana bread. earthy undertones offset by the sweetness of banana.

turmeric banana bread to boost immunity

In an epic turn of events, my life is now heading in a different direction. I moved from the small, coastal town of Western Australia where I spent my entire childhood to Sydney. From 40,000 to over 4 million. Even now, I’m sort of banging my head against the wall for what could become the

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vegan, gluten free, turmeric infused deliciousness - chocolate chip turmeric cookies

chocolate chip turmeric cookies + a word on anxiety

I don’t have much to say in this post, as opposed to my last one where I described my decisions behind adopting a vegan lifestyle. That doesn’t make it a rant. It’s not a rant. It WASN’T a rant, okay? First, read the post. Then decide. I’m sharing my views, not forcing them on you.

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vegan banana date slice - also gluten free!

vegan banana date slice

Let’s talk vegan. That is, vegan banana date slice.  But first, just vegan. It’s now been three months since I decided to make the switch to a plant based lifestyle. It’s a bit of a buzzword, ‘plant based’. Truthfully though, I’m a little scared of revealing to people that I am now fully vegan, since

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gluten free vegan espresso and teff christmas cookies

espresso and teff christmas cookies // gf, vegan

Something festive this way comes.  A little cinnamon there, a pinch of nutmeg there and delicious goodness everywhere. Including, but not limited to, my healthier take on gingerbread, made without refined sugars, refined flours, dairy, gluten or eggs. Not only are these espresso and teff christmas cookies ideal for dunking in a christmas morning cuppa,

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rhubarb banana cake

rhubarb banana cake + cashew icing // gf, vegan

I’ve had a very, very busy life lately. Studying my soul away, graduating from high school and completing my final exams hasn’t left a lot of time for baking, blogging and social media-ing. Now, finally, I have had a free weekend to bake – after working every saturday for the past few months. I also

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a teaser: anzac biscuits (vegan + gf) with greetings from austria

Well hello beware the beans followers/lovers/obsessed ones & hello world! Greetings from a (slightly 😉 ) smaller country than Australia, placed in the center of europe: Austria. My names Lara, a 17 year old from Vienna, and  if you have seen Rosie’s previous post you know what is going on. If not: We are doing a

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