Hi there. Welcome to my treasured corner of the internet, located in the southern blogosphere (that is, Australia).

If you’re new, then I guess there’s probably two questions you would like answers for: who is this Rosie chick? And why is she wary around beans?

Who am I.

This is the easy part. I’m low fodmap for a happy tum, vegan for a happy mind and blogging for a happy time. Recently, I decided to open up about my struggles with mental health via instagram. Since I was about eleven, my mental wellbeing slowly spiralled into a very bad place. So after a long stint with depression, anxiety, PTSD and an undiagnosed eating disorder, I have finally decided to “let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”, as Mr. Socrates said a few thousand years ago. So, in october 2016, I decided to make the switch to a plantbased diet. Healing, from the inside out. Truthfully, I’m a little scared of revealing to people that I am now fully vegan, since most people respond with comments like:

  • wow, that must be so hard!
  • but what about your protein/calcium/iron/B12? 
  • are you sure you’re getting enough nutrients?
  • i really love animals too!

Well, actually no. It’s not hard at all – if I can handle the low FODMAP diet, I think I can handle veganism… read more about that a little further down. Veganism stops me eating processed foods (which isn’t exactly a bad thing); I save money from not eating out; and meal planning becomes a whole lot easier. And nutrients? I think I’m good. Plant based nutrients are in abundance. More so, in fact, than animal based ones. Let’s see – soy products and wholegrains for protein, sesame and greens for calcium, molasses and seeds for iron, nutritional yeast for B12. And, just so you know, veganism is a three-pronged fork, figuratively speaking. For me, it’s about more than just animals. It’s about

One – health (doco to watch: forks over knives).

Two – environment

Three – ethics. (animals!)

For me, that’s as complicated as it gets. I’m not imploring you to go vegan, I’m just sharing my views. I don’t believe in labelling things as ‘vegan’ like some sort of health fad. Would you label an apple as vegan just to increase the price tenfold? Veganism isn’t for everyone, and I wholly accept that. But it feels insanely good to know I am doing my part to secure the earth for future generations and also secure my health for a lifetime. In three months alone, my acne has all but disappeared, which to me is the greatest benefit of all. I’m a self conscious little elf. 

Now. The beans thing.

That’s a little bit more complicated. I suffer from IBS-M, and consequently, follow a somewhat modified low FODMAP diet. Oh, you don’t know what that is? Allow me to explain…

The low FODMAP diet aims not to cure or eliminate IBS, but to minimise its symptoms. A group of carbohydrates (sugars) known as Fermentable Oligosaccharides Disaccharides, Monosaccharides And Polyols exacerbate these symptoms. Hence, a diet low in these ‘FODMAPs’ provides relief. It involves avoiding, or at the very least limiting, intake of foods which contain high quantities of these sugars. At its most basic level, I follow a cruelty-free, legume-free, fructose-free, allium-free, gluten-free and soy-free diet. (With a few other ‘-frees’ thrown in for fun.)

The important thing is: there are a bunch of foods that make me sick, so I avoid eating them. That also means I have to avoid baking with them. Notice how none of my recipes contain stone fruit or pomes (apples and pears)? That would be why.

I won’t go into the details of every single thing I can and can’t tolerate. 

Yes, it really is an extensive list, but it really isn’t the struggle that people seem to think. It’s only hard if you make it hard, and I am determined to make it easy, for myself and for others. And voila! A blog was born.

There’s some good news. I love to bake. Really, really, love to bake (and occasionally cook savoury). Both journeys into veganism and low fodmap cooking have given me the opportunity to experiment. When there’s a bunch of ingredients to avoid due to intolerance (and this goes for any intolerance), any opportunity to expand your diet is a fabulous one. Fortunately, after following a strict low FODMAP diet for quite some time, I am now able to tolerate dairy quite well. Hence, many of my recipes will list regular lactose containing dairy as ingredients.

If you are reading this, and are following a low FODMAP diet yourself, please be aware that not all of my recipes will be suitable for everyone, and this especially applies to the dairy case. If you do not tolerate lactose, please use lactose free substitutes in my recipes! In most cases, there is no effect on the final product. 

Also know that my journey into veganism began on the 30th September 2016, and I have not yet had a chance to return to earlier recipes which still contain dairy and eggs. 

That’s it! Me in a nutshell – done. Enjoy exploring my site, and hopefully you’ll enjoy experimenting with my recipes too. If you choose to cook anything you discover, please let me know via the contact page, or leave me a comment down below.

Lots of love your author, Rosie.   



If you suffer from IBS, or think you may be suffering from IBS, please do not undertake the low FODMAP plunge on your own. See a doctor or a dietitian for more information, and don’t consider my advice and opinions to be medically accurate or diagnostic in any way.



  1. Definitely gonna quote that line that says “Healthy food is about moderation, not deprivation, and sustenance, not starvation.” Exactly what I believe in. Nice to know more about you Rosie bun – Yan

    1. Ravenous Rosie

      Thanks Yan. If I had a food philosophy, that would be it 🙂

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