chai spiced porridge + rhubarb compote // gluten free, vegan

Chai Spiced Porridge w/ Rhubarb Compote

Autumn is wonderful. It’s my favourite season – not too hot, not too cold, but juuuust right. A Goldilocks season. Exercise is now accompanied by the occasional drizzle, and cozy knitted sweaters have become optional. The beautiful smell of mist on still days drifts lazily through windows, which are left open to welcome the cool air. Leaves

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chocolate, almond and spinach super smoothie // gluten free

Sometimes, I like to make things difficult. Sometimes it’s worth it, but mostly it’s not. Taking the time to make homemade almond milk falls into the totally-worth-it category. The benefits of homemade almond milk Where to begin? I guess I could start by asking: have you ever read the ingredients list of your favourite almond

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‘coco pops’ style chocolate granola // gluten free, vegan

There’s something enticing about that too bright yellow box with a monkey face plastered across it. I’m talking Coco Pops. There’s something even more enticing about the catchphrase “Just like a chocolate milkshake, onlyyyy CRUNCHY!” It’s basically what crunchy peanut butter did for the spreads industry, but what puffed chocolate cereal does to milk. What’s not so

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