Here, you’ll find an abundance of Low FODMAP and gluten free recipes, some of which are dairy free and/or vegan. As I have now transitioned into a plant based lifestyle, I am working towards updating all recipes to be vegan. In the meantime, if you have any questions about egg substitutes in a non-vegan recipe, send me an email via the contact form. 



gf, vegan turmeric banana bread. earthy undertones offset by the sweetness of banana.

turmeric banana bread to boost immunity

In an epic turn of events, my life is now heading in a different direction. I moved from the small, coastal town of Western Australia where I spent my entire childhood to Sydney. From 40,000 to over 4 million. Even now, I’m sort of banging my head against the wall for what could become the
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vegan, gluten free, turmeric infused deliciousness - chocolate chip turmeric cookies

chocolate chip turmeric cookies + a word on anxiety

I don’t have much to say in this post, as opposed to my last one where I described my decisions behind adopting a vegan lifestyle. That doesn’t make it a rant. It’s not a rant. It WASN’T a rant, okay? First, read the post. Then decide. I’m sharing my views, not forcing them on you.
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vegan banana date slice - also gluten free!

vegan banana date slice

Let’s talk vegan. That is, vegan banana date slice.  But first, just vegan. It’s now been three months since I decided to make the switch to a plant based lifestyle. It’s a bit of a buzzword, ‘plant based’. Truthfully though, I’m a little scared of revealing to people that I am now fully vegan, since
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gluten free vegan espresso and teff christmas cookies

espresso and teff christmas cookies // gf, vegan

Something festive this way comes.  A little cinnamon there, a pinch of nutmeg there and delicious goodness everywhere. Including, but not limited to, my healthier take on gingerbread, made without refined sugars, refined flours, dairy, gluten or eggs. Not only are these espresso and teff christmas cookies ideal for dunking in a christmas morning cuppa,
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gluten and dairy free austrian kaiserschmarrn (torn pancakes)

austrian torn pancakes: kaiserschmarrn // gluten and dairy free

Pancakes are pretty great. Austrian kaiserschmarrn or ‘torn pancakes’ are a seriously awesome alternative. I was introduced to these by Lara, who is from Vienna, and also happens to be the other half of our first ever cross-cultural collaboration. We decided that there was no better way to share our cultures then through the thing
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carrot and coconut cream porridge // gluten free, vegan

carrot and coconut cream porridge // gluten free, vegan

Does anyone else consider porridge a healing meal? The warmth that spreads through your hands as you clasp the bowl, the soothing texture that clings to the tongue… Seems to me that porridge is quite the therapeutic breakfast. After cooking a batch, your entire kitchen will also smell kind of like a bakery, which is
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Chai Spiced Porridge w/ Rhubarb Compote

chai spiced porridge + rhubarb compote // gluten free, vegan

Autumn is wonderful. It’s my favourite season – not too hot, not too cold, but juuuust right. A Goldilocks season. Exercise is now accompanied by the occasional drizzle, and cozy knitted sweaters have become optional. The beautiful smell of mist on still days drifts lazily through windows, which are left open to welcome the cool air. Leaves
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chocolate, almond and spinach super smoothie // gluten free

Sometimes, I like to make things difficult. Sometimes it’s worth it, but mostly it’s not. Taking the time to make homemade almond milk falls into the totally-worth-it category. The benefits of homemade almond milk Where to begin? I guess I could start by asking: have you ever read the ingredients list of your favourite almond
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carrot cake bliss balls // gf, vegan

super seed carrot cake bliss balls to supercede all others // gf, vegan

Out of all the things I cook and consume, I struggle with snacks the most. The whole concept of ‘snack’ is kind of beyond me – I normally just munch on fruit to keep me going until dinnertime. But now that I am a fully fledged vegan (which you can read about here), sometimes you
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strawberry coconut bliss balls // gluten free

Sometimes amazing things happen for no real reason, leaving you stunned, mouth agape, or possibly even with your jaw resting on the floor. Your eyes might decide that a head is no place to belong, and attempt to pop right out of your skull. Or, maybe you have an out-of-body experience and, for the first
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chai banana oat bars // gluten free, vegan

Wow. I have a blog. That’s a scary thought. To be honest, I am super excited to be sharing parts of my life with you all.  I think that is amazing, that people on the other side of the planet are interested in, and can cook, my food. Wow. You know what else is pretty
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beetroot brownie bliss balls // gluten free, vegan

I had an idea: they should just change the ‘F’ of FODMAPs to fruit. Because it’s all about sugar right? And one of the richest source of sugar – and worst source for symptoms – is fructose. Fructose, fruit – they’re basically the same thing anyway, right? Hah. I wish. I wish I could eat
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  1. Thank you for such wonderful recipes! They made me want to start baking again despite IBS ♡

    1. That is wonderful to hear Katie, it’s touching to know that I’ve inspired you. Eating with IBS (especially if you head down the low FODMAP road) can prove very challenging so I’m glad that you might get back into the baking world. Enjoy it if you do!

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